Car MD, 2100, PCM Scanner in Like New Condition in original box with all accessories


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This product offers peace of mind for anyone who has ever worried about car maintenance and repairs. The easy-to-use device, which fits inside a purse or glove compartment, empowers drivers to monitor their vehicles health. The CarMD tool can be used to quick-check an unlimited number of vehicles. Within seconds, its color-coded (green, yellow, red) vehicle health monitor LED’s tell you if your vehicle has any hidden problems, which is beneficial when inspecting a used car, preparing for a road trip or to find out if you will pass your emissions test. Plug the tool into your Mac or PC using the included USB cable and software plus your own internet connection, to generate a detailed report with most likely fix and estimated repair costs. By knowing which parts are needed and the labor costs, you can decide whether to tackle repairs yourself or better speak your mechanics language.